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Australia’s Best Trout Flies Revisited is a completely new publication which takes a look back over the past twenty years of fly fishing and fly tying through the eyes of thirty four contributors listed below.

The contributors include a father and son, two brothers, past and current Australian and international champions, others of Australia’s iconic fly fishers and fly tyers as well as a lady angler with international accreditation.

Many of the contributors through this book are making available details on new fly tying materials, new fly patterns and angling tactics gained through their wide world experience by competing in International fly fishing events.

The list includes

Jim Allen Joshua Flowers  Lubin Pfeiffer
Luke Barby Jason Garrett Snr. Joe Riley
Vern Barby Mick Hall Craig Rist
Christopher Bassano Trevor Hawkins Jonothan Stagg
Royce Baxter Peter Hayes Mike Stevens
Bill Beck Brian Hughes Rick Sunderland
Karen Brooks Tom Jarman Simon Taylor
Craig Coltman Rick Keam Scott Tucker
Malcolm Crosse Pat Kennedy Tim Urbanc
Chris Dawson Shayne Murphy Philip Weigall
Craig Dawson Owen Nuttridge Jim Williams
Glen Eggleton


The foreword is by Janet Holmes à Court, Editing and Introduction by Rick Keam, Artworks by Trevor Hawkins and Photography by Peter Whyte.

The decision to sell and distribute the book by an on line system is a first for the books compiler Malcolm Crosse and success of this project will depend on the take up sales by this means. Pre-release sales are encouraged to assist in print run calculations. Distribution is dependent on the book signings by the contributing writers and is planned for mid-October 2016. 

Fly Fish Australia Inc. and its members will again benefit from the sales of this book by assisting in the endeavours of Australian anglers wishing to represent Australia in national and International fly fishing championships.