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ABTFRevisited update

We report that the book is right on schedule.  The editor, Rick Keam, and photographer, Peter Whyte ( were able to get all of the contributors works to the book designer, Josh Wilson, on time.  Josh had the soft copy ready to go to the printers in Malaysia  at the end of July. The book printing has been completed and packed and ready for freighting.  Anticipated arrival early October. Once received we will post out unsigned bulk and single orders by mid October.  However.......we managed to get a copy into the country early. For all who have purchased signed copies, the logistics of this...

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First post

Nowhere in the world would you find a fly fisher who is not looking for another ‘edge’.  The ‘edge’ may be a variation of an old fly, a new fly, a different type of presentation or retrieve. Whilst fly fishing for trout does depend on the contents of one’s fly box, which in some cases only contain a half a dozen or so patterns through to others have a complete tackle shop in their arsenal, we are always ready to take a look in others fly boxes and maybes accept and try a new pattern.  Many of us always eager...

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